Fraud Alert

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Another scam trying to separate you from your money. If you receive this just ignore it.


Fraud Alert

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Another fraud, scam email is going around. If you receive something similar to this please ignore & delete it.



Sorting Emails in Roundcube

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In order to sort your emails in Roundcube click on the title of any of the fields. Clicking on the title will sort your emails by that field. Clicking on the field again will re-sort in descending order.

Sort Fields



Fraud Email

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Yet another fraud, scam email is going around. If you receive something similar to this please ignore & delete it.scam

Fraud Email

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This is another example of a scam, ignore it, block it, it’s crap.


Fraud, Scam, Rip Offs!

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I am getting so much of it lately, if you get ANY EMAIL or LETTER or PHONE CALL or FAX about your domain, your search engine optimization, google account or any services related to your website, please call me before you pay for it. If you are a First Wave Customer chances are if it is coming to you it is a fraud.  Please ask, before you pay it, give out your credit card number or send a cheque, because if you pay it and it is a scam i can’t get your money back.  I always have time for this and anyone on the phone with you can wait while you contact your Webmaster, ask for their number tell them you will call back.  Below are 2 examples of “official email” I received about one customer’s account, it looks like a very important invoice, but is a total scam and a complete money grab!



Upload to Flickr

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Log into your Flickr account.

Once logged into flicker you can view your albums here.




In the top right side of your window there is an UPLOAD icon.


Once you click it you get the upload screen, click the blue button to upload your photos.



Then you can choose the album you want to upload to, the photos will be

automatically uploaded to the album and appear live on the website.


There are more options for moving, editing, sorting albums also.