Upload to Flickr

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Log into your Flickr account.

Once logged into flicker you can view your albums here.




In the top right side of your window there is an UPLOAD icon.


Once you click it you get the upload screen, click the blue button to upload your photos.



Then you can choose the album you want to upload to, the photos will be

automatically uploaded to the album and appear live on the website.


There are more options for moving, editing, sorting albums also.


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Boxtrapper will give the opportunity to mark spam and blacklist or whitelist anyone you get emails from, it is a holding place for anything that “could be spam” and it here instead of your email box as a “filter” where you can set rules for what you receive in the future.  We can monitor these, they will hold a record for the next 15 days so we can try and block the spammers, the problem is that it is difficult to stop spammers because they change things up but this is one way of stopping them, however boxtrapper will mark the email addresses you don’t want to get email from.  It is a more aggressive spam blocker.

To view your trapper box start by logging into your email account; Before the “auto load” happens, click the “boxtrapper” icon on the email login homepage.



Once inside the boxtrapper control panel, click on “review queue” to view your emails and spam.


From here you can check a box next to the email message, and choose to whitelist and deliver the message OR delete the message and automatically blacklist it.  I have linked all of your accounts so what should happen is that if one of you whitelists something it automatically does this for all of you.


How do I set my signature in my RoundCube Email?

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Log into your email account from your browser. Choose Round Cube to view your emails online.

In the top right hand corner find the settings button and click it.To the far left of the screen are the settings tabs. Click on the Identities folder.

You will see that a form will appear with Signature as one of the options. Fill in the information and click Save when done.


How do I set my away settings in online for my webmail email account?

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Log into your email account from your browser.

Near the bottom of the page will be a button for Auto Responders.


Click on the Add Auto Responder button which will take you to a form.

Fill in the relevant information and click on the Create/Modify button when done.