Cell Phone Setup, Email Setup

When you access an email account through any brand of mobile phone or email software such as Microsoft Outlook on your PC or Mac computer, the email application will require specific information about your email account.  You can use the auto-configure options to attempt to automatically configure your email application.   However you will most likely need some manual settings information.  If you take this information to any cell phone carrier with your email address and password, they can set this up easily for you.

See the chart below with SSL and Non-SSL settings.  SSL is used for cell phones and other mobile devices.  THe Non-SSL is used for non mobile devices such as your windows based email client like “outlook”.   Contact us if you require username or password information.  But in most cases you can either setup yourself with this information or take it to your mobile carrier for setup.   Mobile Phone Setup Wizard


This information can also be found by logging into your email webmail account and clicking on the “configure mail client” button at the bottom of your login screen.  For more information on logging into webmail go to our “how do i log into webmail” blog article by clicking here.